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Success stories


Each of our schools have their own success stories, but we've highlighted two case studies below to show, in detail, the level of support and intervention that goes into our school improvement programmes.

Teesdale School_HR-94.jpg

Teesdale School and Sixth Form

Browney Academy_HR_-17.jpg

Browney Academy

Support services

At the North East Learning Trust we very much see ourselves as a family, therefore helping each other out by sharing expertise, ideas and resources is just how we do things. Behind this army of teaching talent lies a 'back office' support network that quickly deploys professional support services to schools who join us.  



Supporting schools with day to day financial processes and procedures as well as providing strategic finance planning, budget setting, business continuity and a full payroll service. 

Finance Director

Lee Alexander 

Joined Trust 2012



Providing full service communications and marketing support to Trust schools including media handling and reputation management, recruitment planning, and a professional graphic design service. 

Marketing Director

Alix Vince

Joined Trust 2012



Helping Trust schools to create better learning environments by directing and supporting facilities teams in schools and leading on capital development projects.

Head of Estates 

Andrew Crosby

Joined Trust 2017

HR &


Delivering a full HR function including recruitment, employment policy handling, performance management, wellness, training, and workforce planning. 

HR Director

Deb Piggett

Joined Trust 2016

Information technology 


Supporting new schools with IT infrastructure development and providing ongoing strategic IT advice and a high quality support desk service to all schools.

IT Director

Don Balmer

Joined Shotton Hall 2004

and safety

Providing exemplary health and safety direction to Trust schools and ensuring correct process and procedures are in place and followed.

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