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About the North East Learning Trust

Learn about our vision, values and ambitions

As a teacher for over 30 years, my belief that every child deserves a fair start in life has been a guiding principle throughout my career.

This same belief in equality and excellence has inspired the creation of the North East Learning Trust, where we work to ensure that every child in every Trust school is offered equal opportunities and life chances. At our founding school, The Academy at Shotton Hall, we have achieved great success for our children by closing the gap in achievement and securing some of the best outcomes in the country for all groups of students.


Our track record of transformation speaks for itself with improvements seen quickly in all schools in even their first weeks and months of sponsorship due to a tireless pursuit of excellence that is instilled from the outset. As a result the majority of our schools are over subscribed and with parents confident for their children to be in a NELT school.


Lesley Powell

Lesley Powell CBE, Chief Executive Officer

Our values

Our multi-academy Trust exists to give children across the North East of England the very best education and is founded on deeply held principles that every child has the right to an excellent education. All schools in our Trust are committed to:

Our vision 

At the North East Learning Trust, we have a simple vision that "Every child experiences excellence every day." This is shared by all schools and staff in the Trust and is the guiding principle of everything we do.

Our ambition

Our ambition across our Trust family of eleven schools is to continually improve experiences and outcomes for the almost 7000 children in our care. We look to achieve this by supporting each school we sponsor on a journey towards becoming outstanding both in the view Ofsted and as judged by performance outcomes, enrichment opportunities and the day to day experiences of students as learners and of staff as our employees. 

Our trust has grown consistently since being established in 2015 and we plan to expand and strengthen our partnerships and reach to include more schools. We are also working hard to continually increase and improve our teacher training, professional development and school improvement provision across the region through our NELT Institute which includes the new NELT Teaching School Hub.

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